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What is Mediation?

Mediation is a flexible and confidential process used to settle a dispute between two or more people, businesses, or other organisations.

As a mediator I am independent and impartial third person in the room, to help individuals/parties, through the issues, negotiate, and come to a mutually agreeable  solution.

You can mediate before taking legal action or while legal action is ongoing.

Mediation in the United Kingdom has a success rate of over 80%, meaning that four out of five cases involved in a mediation settle either at the mediation or shortly after.

Mediations take place under a structured process geared towards gradually moving parties away from entrenched positions and arriving at a solution.

The benefits of mediation is that it ;

  • Allows the parties to deal with issues they themselves feel are important
  • Allows parties to present their views fully.
  • Gives the parties a sense of being heard.

The goal is to help everyone achieve their interest and to reach a durable agreement. There are five stages to mediation that will be discussed on your first appointment with us.

Mediation is a voluntary process, and the parties can disengage whenever they feel uncomfortable.

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In Mediation, the parties are in control of their dispute, and they make the decisions.

Mediation is non-binding until the time an agreement is reached.

The mediation process is “without prejudice”. Any offers, concessions and admissions made, as well as any information disclosed will not be used in litigation unless required by the law.

Our Services

Once you instruct Berry Legal as Mediators, we will not be able to provide you with legal advice or assistance in respect of family matters.

Disputes within a Family
Family Mediation is a process designed to resolve family disputes with the help of an independent trained mediator. This is process is which can assist separating couples dealing with issues relating to children, finance, and other family related matters. This process that can assist separating couples dealing with issues relating to children, finance and family related matters.

Workplace Mediation
Workplace Mediation is an important tool for resolving disputes within the workplace. These disputes can occur between employees or between employees and employers. The aim is to restore a positive working relationship and to address the issue and potential behaviour problems between those individuals. As an independent mediator it would be our role to facilitate a constructive, structured negotiation, aiming to find a solution that is acceptable to all parties involved.

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Civil & Commercial Mediation
Civil and commercial mediation is a cost-effective form of alternative dispute resolution, ideal for resolving civil and commercial disputes between two or more parties. An independent mediator, with no personal stake in the matter, will facilitate the conflicting parties to find a solution themselves, avoiding the need for court proceedings.


  • 1 hour Mediation Meeting at £150.00 per hour per party
  • 1 Joint Mediation meetings in person will be £150 per hour per party


Mediation sessions can take place online or in person at a convenient location to you.
Mediation sessions can be held during the weekends and on Saturdays.

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