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Our expert family law solicitors are here to help provide you with advice and assistance with all family issues, including divorce, financial proceedings, and child arrangement orders and more.

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Family, Relationships and Divorce Lawyers in Croydon, London.

If you’re having family issues, you’ve come to the right place.

Coping with family legal issues, such as those surrounding a relationship breakdown can be exhausting, emotionally fraught and confusing. We recognise that every family is different, so we aim to provide sensitive, practical, and supportive advice to match your situation and the outcome you are seeking.

Berry Legal provides professional, tailored legal advice to clients across Croydon and surrounding areas of London. We specialise in matrimonial and family matters including separation, divorce, childcare arrangements, and financial settlements.

If you are considering a divorce or separation and you’re not sure which way to turn, we are here to listen and provide you with pragmatic guidance. If you’re having difficulties seeing your child or children, we can also walk you through this process too.

Speak in confidence with our specialist family lawyer in an initial free, 20-minute consultation to understand your legal options.

Berry Legal is a law firm authorised by the Solicitors Regulation Authority – SRA 803906.

14 Years of Experience

Worked with clients in the areas of divorce proceedings, child arrangement orders (contact agreements) and more

Defining Success

Choose Berry Legal because we care about you and your issues; We will go the extra mile to ensure we get you the best result.

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Our Service Areas of Expertise

family law

Family Law

We specialise in all aspects of family law, including divorce, separation, financial settlements, and child related matters. Whatever you’re facing as a family, we’re here to listen to what you have to say and help with what you need to do.

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Divorce & Separation

The breakdown of a marriage is an emotionally charged and highly stressful time. Our personalised approach means we carefully listen to your concerns and desired outcomes and provide a personalised service based on your individual requirements.


Cohabitation Issues

Many couples live together without getting married or forming a civil partnership, however many don’t understand their legal rights in the event of separation. We help guide you through the legal process if you haven’t been married.

child protection

Child Protection/ Safeguarding

Safeguarding is the action that is taken to promote the welfare of children and protect them from harm. We provide advice and assistance in respect of all child protection matters.

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Attendance At Court

Representing yourself or directly negotiating with your former partner can be fraught with difficulties. Avoid putting yourself in this situation and seek professional support instead.

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Why Choose Berry Legal

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Tailored Advice

We offer a personalised legal service that addresses your individual circumstances and concerns. We recognise every situation as personal and unique and manage your family issues in a way that’s right for you.

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Experienced Family Lawyers

We have over 14 years’ experience in working with families in the areas of divorce proceedings, child protection/safeguarding, cohabitation issues and more.

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A Caring and Sensitive Approach

We care about every one of our clients and their specific situation. We always go the extra mile, to ensure we get the best results for you. We explore all options from the start, and involve any other professionals as required so that you have a supportive team around you, working towards the common goal of your best outcome.

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We encourage our clients to contact us directly for a 10-minute initial consultation. Our experienced lawyers will gladly assist you, without obligation and ascertain if it’s right for us to work together on your matter.

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